Spring Squirrels


Estimate $250-750

100 x 34 cm
ink and colour on paper, hanging scroll
signed in Chinese and stamped with a seal of artist middle right

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When one considers Liu Kang’s oeuvre, it is easy to be in awe of the artist’s mastery over distinctively different styles. The artist developed the Nanyang Style along with his contemporaries during the famous field trip to Bali in 1952, that gave Singapore its first major art milestone that would later influence generations of artists to come. Liu Kang’s paper works are few and far in between, ranging from calligraphy and ink paintings,to sketches of oil paintings. The spontaneous nature of paper works represents the direct manifestations of the artist’s inner state that is transcribed onto the medium unreservedly.

JaeHo Park

Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea, Park began to direct his time and energy into producing photographic art. He now lives in London & Seoul, and he has been working here as a photographic artist since 2011. December, 2012 Graduated for the University of Westminster with a second Masters degree of photographic studies. September, 1999 Graduated for the Hong Ik University with a Masters degree of Fine Art.

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